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Exchange and Repair Program

MarquipWardUnited offers an exchange and repair program to support our customers needs.

Exchange Program

  • Available items can ship immediately
  • Costs less than an outright purchase
  • Allows you to keep your inventory costs down

Repair Program

MarquipWardUnited will update applicable parts to our current configuration. If the part is not-repairable we will offer our customers a reconditioned item at a reduced price. Items serviced under the repair program carry a one-year warranty from date of shipment. Qualified Technicians perform in-house testing and analysis with machine simulation and environmental stress testing. This is comparable to what the item would experience in the field. Typical turnaround of an item is 10-15 days (some items may vary) from date of receipt.

Standard fees apply under the following categories: 

  • Test/certification
  • Minor standard
  • Major non-warrantable

An analysis letter will accompany all electronic repairs.

Exchange and repair opportunities include:

Electronic and mechanical items for all makes and models, such as: drives, cards, motors, wheel, exit, and vac assemblies, spindles, lockdowns, and many more.

Contact MarquipWardUnited with questions.

Exchange Program