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Upgrades & Rebuilds

Improvements that allow your machine investment to last


As new designs and technologies become available to new machines, a concerted effort is made to allow incorporation of those new technologies to previously installed machinery.

These improvements maximize machine efficiency and reduce maintenance down-time. We continue to provide quality upgrades and rebuilds for our Marquip, Re-Ward and United Encore customers.

A wide range of machinery updates are offered to help you enhance the performance of your machine and keep maintenance costs to a minimum. MarquipWardUnited's aftermarket support team keeps your packaging operation modern and up-to-date.

There are thousands of upgrades available.  Please contact us for more information.

Serrapid die cutter upgrade


Many of our customers are pleased with the operating features of their equipment, but realize after many years of use their equipment is due for an overhaul. A machine rebuild can modernize existing equipment for greater productivity, improved reliability, reduced waste and improvements in product quality. Rebuilding is often an attractive investment.

MarquipWardUnited provides the versatile option of rebuilding and refurbishing your machine at your facility or one of ours. The level of rebuild ranges from a simple replacement of all worn parts, to a complete overhaul with upgrades to allow the machine to perform like new.

Please contact us for more information on how a rebuild can improve your plant's production.

Splicer after rebuilding
A MarquipWardUnited Direct Drive Knife improves the speed and accuracy of an existing sheeter line.

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